About us

With us you will find a competent fiduciary partner who has grown over thirty years and has a large and profound knowledge of experience. Our innovative team will gladly take care of your concerns and work out a joint, tailor-made solution. Put us to the test and convince yourself of our competence and our qualitative services!


The foundation of the formation of our company was laid on May 1, 1988 by the partners Daniel Scheitlin and Peter Steiner, who are still active in our company by today. First as a general partnership and then as a 'GmbH', the 'S&P Treuhand GmbH' moved its headquarters from Wallisellen to Thalwil and merged in 1998 with two companies based there to form 'Universa Wirtschaftsberatung AG'. Due to strategic considerations, the then five partners soon decided to form further legal entities according to the individual business areas and fields, whereupon Daniel Scheitlin and Peter Steiner (contrary to the other partners both originating from the Zurich North region) took over a trust company originally founded in 1992 and changed its name to today's 'Universa Treuhand AG'. The company then moved its headquarters and premises to Brüttisellen, where it is still located today after an 'internal' move to the town center.

In the more than thirty years of the company's history, we have been able to build up our core team and increase it to around ten people. To this day, great value is placed on the family-like, team-oriented corporate culture. In addition, we maintain a large and indispensable network of relationships with specialists in related fields of activity at home and abroad.

Our ideal location near the 'infamous freeway hub Wangen-Brüttisellen' as well as the airport Zurich-Kloten offers us and our national and international clientele great advantages in terms of accessibility and ensures a good and comfortable (but not always congestion-free) connection in every direction.

We are happy to share our experience in all the above-mentioned stages of our history up to the present day and pass on our knowledge in the form of advice and support to our valued clientele.


    We are pleased to welcome you at our location in Bruettisellen, Canton Zurich. Our team is always available to answer your questions and provide support. We look forward to meeting you.