Taxes are the manifestation of the complex value system of a society. The concept of a tax is not a static one and is constantly evolving as society changes in all relevant economic activities. The flood of constant changes in the law requires a special degree of flexibility and creativity as well as up-to-date know-how. The right tax advice is therefore crucial for the success of your business.

Tax consultancy

Tax-related services: tax advice and preparation of tax returns. We advise individuals, self-employed persons, freelancers and companies on all tax issues and support you in preparing your tax return. In doing so, our tax advice also aims to take social security aspects into account and to provide you with sustainable added value. In addition, we want to protect you from tax risks.

Our services

  • Advice for individuals and legal entities
  • Advice and analysis for tax optimisation
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Support and representation in all tax matters
  • Preparation and filing of complaints and appeals
  • Preparation of optimisation proposals and concepts
  • Medium and long-term tax planning
  • Corporate and restructuring tax law
  • Advice on the formation, amendment, transfer of domicile and liquidation of companies
  • Gift and inheritance taxes
  • Withholding taxes and stamp duties

Value added tax advice

Complying with the complex VAT regulations in accordance with the law is a particular challenge for companies and incorrect declarations can, under certain circumstances, lead to enormous additional demands from the tax authorities.

We support you in identifying and avoiding risks related to VAT obligations. In addition to our experience, we have excellent contacts with specialists and the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA), which allow us to quickly clarify questions of doubt.

Our services

  • Advice and clarification of individual questions in all areas of VAT
  • Planning and analysis of the VAT situation
  • Support in all VAT matters (registrations, settlements, cancellations)
  • Preparation and support as well as representation in audits by the Federal Tax Administration

Tax analysis

With our tools, we can provide listings and calculations of the tax progression in all Swiss municipalities and all possible income and asset situations. If you want to get a detailed insight into the tax implications of your personal income and wealth situation, you are welcome to drop by.