Sound tax and legal advice is a decisive factor for the success of your business. Through our consulting services, we competently support you in making decisions and implementing your business concerns. Other areas of expertise in our advisory services include succession planning, company formation and other tailor-made services for SMEs.


You already set the course for your company's success in the run-up to its foundation. After all, the choice of the legal form of the company decides many things: the required start-up capital, taxes, liability, etc.

The legal form of your company must fit your strategy. This choice has an impact on financing, social insurance and tax burdens. Contact us for appropriate advice on your concerns:

  • Sole proprietorship / general & limited
  • partnership GmbH / public limited company
  • Association / Foundation

Our business consultations accompany you during the founding of your company and also during the determination of your location (cooperation with partner companies in various tax-favourable cantons) - so that you choose the right path. In this way, you are already on the right course when you set up your company.

Our services

  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts and agreements
  • Formation, amendment and merger of companies
  • Formation of legal entities and partnerships
  • Carrying out formalities in all tax, social and insurance law matters
  • Assistance in the drafting of shareholder and partner agreements
  • Assistance in determining the location of your company
  • Various domiciliation options in tax-favourable cantons in cooperation with partner companies

Changes to the commercial register

All changes in the commercial register are linked to legal and complex structures and requirements. As soon as a formal change occurs, we support and advise you as to when commercial register changes are necessary in the areas of company mutations, personnel mutations, transfers, etc.


The dissolution of the company must be entered in the commercial register by the board of directors "Aktiengesellschaft" or by the shareholder "Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung" or by the administration "Genossenschaft" after the dissolution resolution.

Contact us to discuss the concrete procedure and, in consultation, to initiate the liquidation resolution, debt call in the SOGC as well as the HR deletion after the expiry of the obligatory waiting period.

Succession planning

Sell the company? Looking for a successor or cooperation partner? - The professional regulation of your company succession.

Entrepreneurs who have successfully built up their company over many years are often faced with a major challenge when it comes to arranging their own succession, which is not infrequently associated with uncertainty and anxiety for company owners. External expert support already helps with the company valuation.

In the search for a suitable successor, not only financial and entrepreneurial, but also family, personal and emotional aspects play an important role. Conflicts of interest easily develop from the tension between different needs.

Based on your interests, we accompany you as objective outsiders on your way to a convincing succession plan for your company. One of the important tasks is to carry out a company valuation in line with the market.